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How The Cardwell Thaxton Group Is Helping Homeowners in Mercer County While Improving the Communities Nearby
September 30th, 2021 12:52 PM
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How The Cardwell Thaxton Group is helping homeowners in Mercer County while improving the communities nearby. Professional investors understand the risks involved in taking on the problems of homeowners. If you have had even the slightest experience in real estate, you have heard the phrase “location, location, location” as the primary requirement of making a good real estate investment. The location has a powerful influence on the long-term value of the property. After all, passive income is the real estate investor’s goal. 

Firm investments should always be in the best location available within the investor’s budget, the more attractive, the longer it will hold value. As professional real estate investors conducting our day-to-day business at The Cardwell Thaxton Group means homeowners in the area will continue to realize a higher return on their investment per unit. Read on to learn more about how The Cardwell Thaxton Group is helping homeowners in Mercer County while improving the communities nearby. 

Significant Role in Property Values

Properties that have fallen into various states of disrepair, from overgrown lawns which are eyesores to abandoned homes that attract criminal activity, cause the price of nearby homes for sale to fall on the market. Professional real estate investors like The Cardwell Thaxton Group quickly rehab properties, put them back on the market. As a side effect, upgrading the property reduces crime statistics overall, providing the underlying benefit of making the community more desirable, boosting the nearest residents’ quality of life. This positive influence further increases neighboring property values as The Cardwell Thaxton Group is helping homeowners in Mercer County while improving nearby communities. 

Creating Jobs in Mercer County

As professional investors, we repair and restore homes working with a network built from the top professionals from every walk of industry associated with real estate. Starting with the initial meeting with a seller, we make the process quick and easy by handling everything in-house until the buyer moves in.  From the appraiser to the notary and all other people involved, professional real estate investors like The Cardwell Thaxton Group create opportunities. Higher employment numbers also increase property values for the residents in the area overall and is another way The Cardwell Thaxton Group helps homeowners in Mercer County while improving the communities nearby. 

Fair Offers

We work with homeowners to agree on a fair offer for their homes. We walk sellers step by step through our simple contract, explaining just how we reach our offer. Comps, a process of comparing the subject property to the nearest homes with like features and similar in size sold most recently, help real estate agents, investors like The Cardwell Thaxton Group, and even professional appraisers determine a property’s current value. Understanding the influence that comparables have in completing the home appraisal, it just wouldn’t make any sense for professional real estate investors in Mercer County to make insultingly low-ball offers that would negatively impact their real estate investments. Because we pay great prices, The Cardwell Thaxton Group helps homeowners in Mercer County while improving the communities nearby. 

Quick Closings

We pay in cash and because we don’t have to jump through any hoops for a lender and our team includes every professional required for a real estate transaction from start to finish, we can work extremely fast. You won’t be paying any holding costs as your property listing lingers on the MLS. Inevitably, lingering listings lead to real estate agents advising you to lower your asking price continually. At the same time, your mortgage payments and all of the other bills associated with the property continue, and the clock ticks slowly as you wait for the right buyer to come along. The Cardwell Thaxton Group is helping homeowners in Mercer County while improving the communities nearby. 

Your Best Interest 

We sleep well at night knowing that The Cardwell Thaxton Group is always fair and honest. When we meet with a homeowner, we take the time to listen to what is pushing the drive to sell the home, any problems the sellers may be facing, financial, personal, or with the property itself, and help solve their problems. If working with a traditional real estate agent is doable for you as a seller, we will tell you if that is a better option in your scenario. Our passion allows sellers to gain the most profit from the sale while working within their given circumstances, helping ensure Mercer County has a healthy real estate market. 

We make it easy! Why not let our knowledge and experience at The Cardwell Thaxton Group be your guide through selling or buying real estate in Mercer County? Our top priority at The Cardwell Thaxton Group is helping homeowners in Mercer County while improving the communities nearby.  At The Cardwell Thaxton Group, we care for buyers and sellers as individuals because they are also our neighbors. Find out how we can help you solve your problems! At The Cardwell Thaxton Group, we are more than happy to answer any questions about the process. Feel free to express any concerns you have, and we understand you may feel overwhelmed because this may be the largest investment or sale of a property during your lifetime. Send us a message or call The Cardwell Thaxton Group at (908) 456-1593 today!


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